The Style Room 2016 Youth Collection



This year for 2016 we decided to produce a Youth Collection.

I decided to reach out to fashion Photographer Jesus Baez, NYC, whom I have worked with in the past on several occasions. After a few conversations and narrowing where we wanted the direction to go, Jesus recommended a wardrobe stylist, Andre, the 3 of us began to coordinate a “feel” or “looks” for the shoot. We wanted a chic, fun and youthfully, cool story with global infusion,  2 names were mentioned, Zendaya and Willow Smith. Then the name Davana came up as the makeup artist from both Jesus and Andre, I jumped on board since they both spoke so highly of her, and I must say she is amazing.
Then, after a conversation with my good friend and Editorial Artist Giovanni Giuntoli,  I had to make a major decision and instead of using real NYC based or Professional models, we decided to use “real local girls”, so I reached out to my 13 yr old daughter Jovana, and asked her to send me different images of friends headshots, there were many possibilities and many beautiful girls, but the focus was on a certain look and feel of the story, so we had to pick the girls and attitude that was going to work best. Professionalism is key, and the “girls” produced. Jesus, Andre & I narrowed it down to 4 girls:  Jovana, Talia, Julia and Christina.
After years of working in the industry as an Editorial and Fashion Hairstylist, also attending many of the highest quality educational sessions in the industry, and also help facilitating and participating as a National Educator for The Tearsheet Company, I’am very proud of the way this collection evolved.

I hope you love the images, and they help to inspire many people, this team was amazing and very professional. Thank You.

“There are many beautiful girls but only a certain type can fit within the story.”  Antonio Casale

Location at Drift Studio NYC.
Photographer-Jesus Baez
Wardrobe- Andre and his assistant Jada Michelle
Makeup- Davana
Hair- Antonio Casale, Annie Barbato, Marissa Avon
Models- Jovana Casale, Julia Nudo, Christina Phillips, Talia O’Reilly


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